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You will soon discover that faith is not a pie-in-the-sky life where everything goes well and everyone lives happily ever after. You will discover faith is often tested. Will it stand the test of: Satan's accusations, suicidal thoughts, seductions, and struggles with God' If you have read, Nan's Journey, Elk's Resolve is a must read. Will it stand the test of: Satan's accusations, suicidal thoughts, seductions, and struggles with God's realness and love? Elk's Resolve will challenge you to examine your own understanding of God and how real he is to you through the struggles of life.

I gladly recommend this book to you. Apr 02, Karina Harris rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this one even more than the first. Elaine manages to draw the reader into the world of prejudice and disappointments that haunt our hero, Elk. We hear the taunting voices of disdain and torment, just as he does, and rejoice when he overcomes his demons with the help of a deepening faith.

This story has varied subplots that keep the reader intrigued and focused throughout the book. As we meet each new character, it becomes increasingly more difficult to predict the final outcome, but all is resolved in the end I can't wait to read that one! Apr 21, Darlene rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Every one. I was not disappointed. Elk, a young white man who was raised as a Native American, sought the answers to the questions that men are still asking themselves today, "Who am I? I was delighted at being a sideline particpant in Elk's search, or resolve, in finding the answers to these questions and so many more!

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Jun 05, Jane Harber added it. Currently reading Elk's Resolve, by Elaine Littau. I read Nan's Journey in only one day! This story keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering what's going to happen next. I know Elk's Resolve will be just as intriguing as Nan's Journey! May 02, LunaBel rated it liked it Shelves: x-giveaway-x , fi-ya-r. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This novel was lovely to read. It was simply worded and well described. The characters caught my attention.

It delt with a lot of interesting subjects : marriage, corruption etc However, there are some things that I didnt really appreciat. The first and second chapters were not really connected to the rest of the novel, imo. It seemed that it was just a way to introduce Elk and how he met Miranda.

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I thought the novel will be about them at first. The change of This novel was lovely to read. I just wish the 2 first chapters were written differently.

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He seemed to be whining too much and get things done too little. Her father proved to be a bad father after all when he abandoned his daughter though we were led to think he was a good father at first. Elk and his twin seemed to be TOO identical. In looks and in personalities.

This was a disappointment. I wish they were different.

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They seemed to be TOO nice to be true too. At the end I got used to them crying so much. The novel seems to have two categories of characters : too nice and too evil.

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There are way too much coincidence. It made the novel seem glued together at some point. Like Sarah who tells her same story two or three times in the novel. I sympathised with the characters and liked them and that made the novel worth reading. Dec 20, J. Cunningham added it. Set against the rugged beauty of the Colorado Rockies of the s, Elk's Resolve follows the travails and triumphs of Elk, the White Indian. Full of passion, heartbreak, romance, rivalry, and hope, Elk's Resolve will fascinate you from the first page.

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Elaine Littau lives in a town I visit several times a month. Elk's Resolve was for sale at a gas station I stop at each time before leaving town, and the book had interested me for a long time. I finally picked up the book a week ago Sunday, and could not put it down. I finished the book in a week, which for those that know me, know that is fast for me. Earlier this month, the city and. Bank, which owned the property, claiming ownership of the early s Craftsman-style house. In its intergovernmental agreement with Metro, the city agreed to indemnify Metro against any claims about the ownership of the house.

The Elks have not sued the city, but the agreement suggested the city believed it would be named in the suit after buying the land. On Tuesday, the council unanimously approved giving the house, about 11,square feet of land and an access easement to the Elks. Within six months, the city will give the house and land to the Elks. The Elks' lawyer, former Washington County Counsel. Once the parcel is created and deeded, the Elks will dismiss the suit, Junkin said.

The council did not discuss the action before voting Tuesday night. But now, with their Sunday alcohol supply cut off, Vivian began to think more broadly. Why not make the Jolly Corks into a formal club, with dues that could be used to buy kegs for Sunday parties? Those who sang badly were fined, as were those who sang well. By the end of the evening, the coffers overflowed. The first meeting was such a success that the next week many Corks brought along friends, filling the boarding house with such a din that the landlady banned any future parties.

The following week the Corks met in a room over a saloon, but with about 20 members, they had already begun to see the need for a more permanent arrangement. Just before Christmas one of the Corks died, and as his theater colleagues gathered in mourning to contemplate the blunt brutality of life, they talked about using the group to help one another in times of hardship. With that, they became part of an increasingly popular phenomenon.

By an estimated 40 percent of adult American men would belong to fraternal organizations. Ritualistic societies gave them a way not only to socialize with their bosses and colleagues outside the stressful work environment but also to reframe their religious and social ideas in a more manly atmosphere. Moreover, even if theater professionals like Vivian were not traditionally so constricted by prevailing notions of masculinity, they were still drawn by ritual.

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Vivian suggested naming the new order the Buffaloes, but the other Corks preferred something original and American. Vivian still favored Buffaloes, but he was outvoted. The Jolly Corks had had no rituals aside from boyish pranks, but for the Elks Vivian pinched wholesale from the Buffaloes, right down to the rank titles. Once formally adopted in May, the new rituals involved regalia, Grand Exalted Rulers, long call-and-response prayers, and passwords.