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You'll know it's ready to drink when the heat-sensitive patterns show up 'Winter is Here'. Just don't expect it to be clear, this is whisky after all. Pretty self explanatory. Just in case you want to make someone cry on Christmas day.

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By Tom Pritchard on at. GRRM: Of course. Here it is. That's what you wanted right? Note: This book is less a novel, and more like a reference book. You have been warned.

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Tags: giz uk game of thrones shopping gift guide christmas. Tom Pritchard. The gender divide still held firm in England at the time, still not far removed from the Football Association prohibiting women from playing at all. It was only after she moved to Virginia that she got the chance to play. Less than the span of a lifetime later, Ellis coached a team that didn't exist when she got to America to a second consecutive World Cup title.

And she did it by beating European country after European country in which women not only play the game but earn a living doing so. Including a semifinal win against England.

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Not the way that, intentionally or not, peers such as Sundhage or Germany's Silvia Neid became characters at times even bigger than those they coached a path Phil Neville trod during this past World Cup. Ellis was hired in to coach a team not of her choosing -- a supremely talented team, to be sure, but still a team that she had to figure out. Among their grievances, critics always noted that she almost failed on that count out of the gate.

And they aren't wrong. She played Lauren Holiday and Carli Lloyd too deep in the midfield during the World Cup and adjusted, freeing Lloyd for a memorable run, only after her hand was forced by yellow card suspensions early in the knockout rounds. But the U. The team had that glorious afternoon in Vancouver, British Columbia, as some 60, Americans crossed the border to watch in person and 25 million watched at home.

On the field, Ellis had the opportunity but also the challenge of changing generations after the World Cup.

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Game Of Thrones’ fans convinced Jaime Lannister will die in arms of woman he loves

She closed that year with Wambach's farewell game and began the next with Mallory Pugh's debut. With a team in transition, she was in charge when the U. She called that game the most important of her tenure. Failing to solve Sweden's defense gave her the blueprint for how the U. For Ellis, that mattered far more than Hope Solo's incendiary comments that dominated the moment. She rode out Megan Rapinoe's national anthem protests, passing on an opportunity to publicly support either the player's stance or the freedom of expression but also leaving wide open the door to continue with the team and enjoy a renaissance that culminated in the World Cup.

Navistar Ups the Game on Uptime by Forming Service Partnership with Love's

Ellis was largely absent from the discussion as players challenged the federation over equal pay, no matter the sizable discrepancy between her salary and that of former men's coach Jurgen Klinsmann. She navigated internal dissent that reportedly bordered on a coup, with players expressing frustration to U. Soccer leaders amid the rotating roster door and tactical experimentation of and early She could be distant, as when veteran defender Ali Krieger was left befuddled by her exclusion from the team for two years after the Olympics. But she was pragmatic. Surely knowing it would only fuel her critics, she also called Krieger back in when she needed another outside back with the World Cup approaching.

Lloyd didn't enjoy the reserve role she increasingly played for Ellis. The captain also played that role exceptionally well, erasing a potential weakness at a key position. How much credit Ellis deserves for any one of those trials is up for debate.

Love could be in a similar situation. He played While Thompson is a fine young player who needs his own court time, he won't necessarily just be receiving Love's leftover minutes with the Cavs' need at center. There are 96 minutes a game to be split between power forward and center. That's an average of 32 per player between Love, Varejao and Thompson.

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Varejao was at Thompson won't get 32 as a backup either, leaving Love to stay at his Love put up some ridiculous digits last season, averaging It was the first time in NBA history anyone had gone over the 20, 12, four and one marks. Will Love reach these same stats with Cleveland? What was surprising to see was that his efficiency stats field-goal percentage, PER fell as well. One would think playing with James and Dwyane Wade would only help to create more open looks, thus increasing his shooting percentage.

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Another key area to look at is usage percentage, or an estimate of the percentage of team plays used by a player while on the floor. Bosh's usage was His usage rate came in at The difference being, of course, that Love is a superior offensive player to Bosh. He's a better rebounder, more versatile scorer and can pass the ball as well as any big man in the league today. Bill Simmons of Grantland describes Love's game this way:. For one, Cleveland won't need Love to score 26 points a game, or probably even 20 for that matter. James has a career scoring average of