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Rather, the chart serves as a foundation to help myself and my clients further explore and understand their personal goals, challenges, and decision-making considerations, whether in their career, relationships, health, finances, or any other realm of their life. The sessions themselves are fashioned as processes of guided inquiry and reflection, where a client gets to explore the life transitions they are moving through as well as the questions and decisions they find themselves facing.

Stephanie Gailing, M.S

Their chart allows me to ask thoughtful questions that can help them access the wisdom that resides within them. In addition to working personally with clients, I also weave astrology in with my teaching and writings. Using astrology to read the kairos allows us to perceive collective themes and patterns that can help to make the world make a little bit more sense, and help guide people as to how to best move through different periods of time with less stress and greater potentiality. Since I can remember, I have always been passionate about health and healing, and that it was to that aim that I wanted to dedicate my career.

I had this incredible session with an astrologer in New York City who relayed insights about me that allowed me to really understand myself; it was like being given a telescope into the deep recesses of who I was…all of a sudden I found this incredible level of knowing and peace, this sense of validation and empowerment. At that moment, I knew that I had to study this language. I needed to know it not only as a tool to better understand myself and the world around me, but also as a way to be of greater service to others. For many years, I wore two different career hats: health educator and astrologer.

In the early s, when I discovered wellness astrology, I was able to see how to weave these two realms together as one. And then when my book, Planetary Apothecary , was published in , I was further able to craft this path, incorporating the language of astrology as a means to help people promote their optimal well-being.

Healthstrology: Wellness Tips to Combat Stress During Mars Retrograde

Your insights and abilities guide and provide insights to people making choices both large and small in their lives. In this way, you become intimately familiar with your clients. What is a common theme you see throughout your work? The frequency of my client session ranges; it generally ranges from the once-per-year check-up to clients that I work with weekly or monthly, in a life-coaching fashion. And while I love working with all clients, there is something about working with my more frequent clients that's especially rewarding, as I get to bear witness to the beautiful nuances of the transitions and transformation that they go through.

I am so in awe of that and feel so privileged that my clients trust me enough to invite me into their lives and have me help guide them. What are a few benefits we can all glean by knowing more about our personal sign and the signs of those we love?

When we say "what's your sign? The Sun sign can tell you about the things that make you tick and what you want to express in this life as well as your style of doing so. It's our creative life force, the Self we express. And while it can tell you a lot about yourself and other people , it's only one aspect of who we are. And even for those who don't want to dive into a whole exploration of their chart — where all the planets were when they were born — even knowing about our Moon sign can be so beneficial.


The Moon represents what feeds and nurtures us, what has us feel comforted and contained, how we orient emotionally. While many people turn to astrology to garner insights into relationships, career, and unfolding life events, your planetary profile can also guide the way you approach personal wellness. It can help you identify natural remedies and healing techniques that are best suited for your unique temperament and individual health needs. A stellar approach to evaluating health and proposing therapies to foster vitality, medical astrology has a long and legendary past: It was documented by ancient Greek scholars, taught in medieval medical schools, and practiced by Renaissance physicians.

Up until the early twentieth century, many doctors employed its observations alongside other methods of treatment. The study of the stars was so integral to the work of many healers that none other than the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates himself, was reported as saying, "He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool. At the heart of medical astrology is the tenet "As above, so below," reflecting the long-held belief in the connection between the celestial bodies and our own bodies.

The zodiac signs and their ruling planets are associated with various body parts, physiological functions, and emotional tendencies with some areas of health cogoverned by more than one astrological signifier. In addition, the signs and planets have alliances with different members of the plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms. For example, Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and is associated with the head, while Pisces is the last sign and is associated with the feet.

Leo, ruled by the Sun, has an affinity for yellow flowers such as sunflower and chamomile, while Taurus, governed by feminine Venus, has a kinship with trees that bear sweet fruits such as peaches and plums. Practitioners who use medical astrology utilize the information gleaned from their clients' personalized astrology charts to offer them custom-designed wellness solutions. They employ these insights as a tool to assess health strengths and weaknesses, determine the best remedies and therapies, suggest the timing of proposed treatments, and evaluate underlying psycho-emotional patterns that may stand in the way of healing.

They don't use this astrologically derived information as the sole means of diagnosis and treatment, but rather as a complement to traditional methods of health-care investigation and advice. Even if you never consult with a medical astrologer, you can still integrate some of this healing art's fundamentals into your wellness regimen by using Planetary Apothecary as your guide.

Medical astrology - Wikipedia

In this book, I take the classical wisdom of medical astrology and apply it to our modern-day health-care needs. As a foundation, I draw on the knowledge inherent in the traditional associations between "as above" the planets and zodiacal constellations and "so below" ourselves and the healing gifts of nature, including foods, herbs, and flowers as delineated by the ancient masters. With this time-honored tradition in mind, I also offer insights into contemporary healing activities popular today--such as spa and wellness therapies, relaxation practices, and yoga poses--matching their benefits to the needs of those born under the different astrological signs.

Combined with the extensive information on the tendencies and temperaments of each sign, this knowledge will allow you to more readily navigate the maze of healthy foods, natural remedies, and self-care treatments available today, choosing those that are more aligned with your disposition, constitution, and health needs. Each chapter includes individualized wellness profiles as well as holistic health approaches targeted for each of the astrological personalities and temperaments. To gain insights into your personal health, first read through the chapter on your Sun sign.

Your Sun sign represents your vitality and the essence of who you are. It is the spark that energizes your being and therefore a significant factor in understanding your personalized wellness needs.

Astro-Herbalism by the Seed SistAs

Next, if you know your Ascendant and Moon signs, read through those chapters as well, as these astrological signatures represent other important facets of your overall health picture. Your Ascendant sign often referred to as the Rising sign symbolizes the way that you present yourself to the world and describes characteristics of your physical body, making it an important signifier of your health. Your Moon sign embodies your emotional being and can give you clues as to which health-care approaches you may find particularly nurturing, both for physical health as well as emotional well-being.

If you don't know your Ascendant or Moon signs, don't worry; reading your Sun sign chapter will provide you with in-depth wellness insights. But if you're curious to know what they are, it's easy enough to find out.

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These astrological positions are calculated according to the day, time, and place you were born; with this simple information, you can discover your Ascendant and Moon signs--as well as other information specific to your horoscope--by having a website astrology service or astrologer cast your personalized chart check the Resources section at the end of the book for astrology websites and for ways to find astrologers.

Each chapter provides in-depth information and practical tips that will help you make lifestyle choices that best support your individual needs. You'll learn more about your astrological health portrait as well as the treatments, activities, and remedies that can bolster your optimal well-being. Every chapter opens by exploring the fundamentals of that particular astrological sign.

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