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For those who like to get an early start and make the most of their limited vacation time, this 4-hour morning tour of Muir Woods and Sausalito would be a great choice. With all its chaotic traffic, masses of quirky and colorful people, and urban attractions, taking a day to get out of the city and into the country may help you keep your sanity. Consider an espresso or cappuccino to give you an extra bit of pep before your night tour of Alcatraz Island. Some things are best left up to locals and professionals, and this Muir Woods bus tour will allow guests to appreciate the California scenery instead of succumbing to hypertension and road-rage.

Combined with a trip to Muir Woods, this tour lasts about 5 hours and is a great to appreciate the beauty of both land and sea. The Golden Gate Bridge has been an American icon for generations, and riding across it on a bike is truly a one of a kind experience. This tour kicks-off in Sausalito and offers guests a bunch of options so they can spend their time doing what they want without worrying about the rest of the group.

The Top 10 Things To Do And See In Mill Valley

The bay area is known for its conveniently located attractions that allow visitors to see many sites in the same day in a fun and efficient manner. Art is ever-present in Sausalito. Add in the culture of living on the San Francisco Bay and you have an interesting place for a day trip from San Francisco. There certainly is enough to do to keep you busy. The art galleries and souvenir shops along the Bridgeway Promenade are Sausalito's most-visited attractions. Wander along and step into in art galleries where the doors are usually flung wide open on sunny days.

Visit the small shops and stop for ice cream. When you need a break, cross the street and take a rest on a bench with a bay view or enjoy a relaxing meal at one of the Sausalito seafood restaurants. Scoma's , on a pier jutting out into the bay, has been a favorite for years.

1. Muir Woods Expedition Tour

The views are amazing and the seafood is fresh and local. To get a different point of view, take a walk north along the waterfront, past the yacht harbor. It's one of the few un-gated marinas in the Bay Area, where you can walk on the docks close to the boats. About a mile north of the ferry terminal, you'll find the Bay Model , a three-dimensional hydraulic model of San Francisco and the Delta that covers more than 1. It's fun to watch the tidal action in the miniature bay.

About a mile north of the Bay Model, you'll find Sausalito's floating houses. They're one of the town's least-known and most fascinating places to visit. In fact, it's the laid-back place where musician Otis Redding wrote his hit song The Dock of the Bay while staying in a houseboat in late to get some peace and quiet. You may be so enchanted by the floating homes you'll want to rent one through a vacation rental site and stay for a few days.

Holed up in my bedroom, I only had two options — take a nap or read a book.

Thus my reading obsession began. I never let my mom throw them out no matter how many times I had read them. I still horde books to this day. When I entered I was greeted by stacks of books, vintage clothing, and a random assortment of bric-a-brac. A woman named Riza explained how she works with a book dealer and handpicks each and every book for the shop.

Her collection dates back to the s. Illustrations of era New York City filled the pages and included everything from residential building facades to portraits of society dames to depictions of public transportation. Even polo matches were represented.

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Unfortunately the price tag was too steep for me. Regardless, the book was a wonderful find and I loved flipping through it. Not a fast food restaurant. There were no heavy smells wafting off grease-soaked fried foods. No bored employees doing everything possible to avoid coming to your table.

Sausalito CA — How To Take A Day Trip To Sausalito From San Francisco

No, it was quite the opposite. It was one of her favorite places so I decided to check it out. Since it was 3pm on a Monday, F3 was empty save for two women having a business lunch at a table near the window. A few cocktail variants later, I lined my alcohol-filled stomach with the eateries delicious brussels sprout chips and a juicy BOS burger. The best part? Check out this amazing three and a half hour culinary walking tour.

What Should You Do with 3 Days in San Francisco?

Perfect for foodies and winos alike. Stretchy pants not included. Soxalito is a store that only sells socks. But not just any socks — seriously awesome ones.

Popular fun things to do in Sausalito

Merry Christmas dad and Kyle. Actually, I was on my way to another tasting venue when I noticed the guy working inside was extremely hot. So I scrapped my original plans because priorities. A local woman popped in while on her way home from work.

We all three chatted for a while and I learned a lot about the town and surrounding area. With her stories and interaction with the proprietor of Madrigal, you could easily grasp the sense of local community in Sausalito. It was even more apparent when he gave her wine free of charge since she had to rush home to her husband who was stuck with his visiting 90 year old in-laws.

I had to pay for my 5 flights of wine because tourist. Several day and half-day wine tours depart from the San Francisco area.

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About a 40 minute walk or 8 minute cab ride from downtown Sausalito lies a local neighborhood whose residents reside in Floating Homes tip — the locals prefer this term over houseboats. Visiting this artistic community was the highlight of my trip to Sausalito. I arrived at Liberty Dock around 6pm, just as the fog started rolling in across the bay. I was the only one around save for the occasional neighbor walking their dog.

The atmosphere was relaxed and serene. I absolutely fell in love. Their beautiful front porches are adorned with decorative art, benches, and gardens.