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Annoyed, the Herero tied thongs together, wound the long rope around the rock and hitched it to their cattle, trying to topple it. But, as hard as they tried, they were unable to budge the rock.

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As the glaciers began to melt, they formed lakes and swamps in which glacial debris and clay-sand sedimentation collected. These deposits solidified over thousands of years when the lakes dried up forming the grey shale below and the more weather-resistant sandstone of the Weissrand Escarpment above.

Finger Of God

With the breaking up of Gondwana million years ago into the southern hemisphere continents as we know them today, the continental edges were raised and slightly tilted to the east. The erosive power of the Fish River intensified in subsequent humid conditions, cutting a steep riverbank.

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This was followed by widespread erosion causing the edge of the Weissrand to move further east over a period of millions of years. Impressive rock islands like Mukorob remained, towering into the sky as the escarpment eroded around them. Mukorob , Finger of God taken in — Rights to Flickr.

Jean's Gospel: The Finger of God - Phoenix Preacher

An awe-inspiring balancing act, the rock pinnacle towered over the land over the aeons, gradually weathered by the wind and rain at the slow pace of eternity. Eventually, in December , the last stones of the pedestal gave way and it tumbled down to the ground. There were no witnesses, only the vast landscape and deep blue sky. Since then, several stories surfaced, including one that the supremacy of the white man would end when this geological structure fell, and one from the extreme right that God was showing his disapproval.

The legends were, in all probability, embroidered as the country neared its independence in Geologists have determined that rather than giving any apocalyptic signs, Mukorob merely collapsed under its own weight after millions of years of erosion, a shudder from the Earth and a final rainstorm. If there is any information you would like to add regarding The Finger of God, please share it in the comment section below.

Finger of God

My friend Joe Bernstein was probably the last person to see it standing…having flown past it in his plane on the way to Keetmanshoop — it was still standing that morning. A short while later that day he flew past it again on the way back to Windhoek and it had fallen. He did say that there was a strong wind blowing that day, so this might have helped it fall over — a probability that was always inevitable.

The Colossus of Rhodes

Dear Dave, Thank you for sharing your side of the story with us. If there is more you would like to add please contact our content developer Jescey content gondwana-collection.

He funded the whole film I never had to ask for money , took me around the world, and introduced me to some truly incredible people. So what is the film about? On the surface it is about the miraculous. I originally thought I was making a film that simply tried to capture miracles on tape. But as the story progressed, things began to change. At its core, it is about the heart of God. Along the way, He places his finger on our lives, touches us deeply, heals us, shows His creativity, and generally surprises us with every move He makes.

The Finger of God Writing the Ten Commandments Twice (Exodus 31:18)

Then the magicians said to Pharaoh, "This is the finger of God. All rights reserved. Topical Bible Thematic Bible. Most Relevant Verses.