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TRUTH changes how we raise our families, go to work, and relate to our neighbors. Most important, the truth changes how we worship God.

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Read more. The Bible shows and history proves, that God often does his strongest work through the weakest of men.

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He takes the useless and uses them. He takes the unlovely and does beautiful things through them. Being the only Christian among my fellow employees, it is a struggle to keep walking the narrow path. Know The Truth has helped me in in furthering my understanding of the Bible and my walk with the Lord. I find myself better understanding what I need to do and the way I need to walk in Christ.

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Know The Truth is such a treat to listen to each morning. I LOVE the sermons and have learned so much.

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Thank you so much. You have touched a life in San Diego and the sermons are taken very seriously.

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Philip always brings clarity, focus, and simple preaching to bring forth the life giving Word of God. I am compelled to let you know that Know The Truth delivers the anchor of God's voice to me each day. I can only say, with the humility so deservedly to God, I am blessed beyond compare. Know The Truth was the turning point in my Christian walk.

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I came across KTT by accident one day while at work. During that time I had been unemployed for seven months and my father was hospitalized due to a stroke. I was going through a dark period and the Lord used KTT to minister to me. Pastor Philip De Courcy preached in a way that I had never heard before, he preached directly out of the Word.

Having the opportunity to listen to expository preaching, for the first time in my life, I felt that my soul had sustenance.

We label one another all the time — job title, age, ethnicity, gender, personality, educational background… All these, and many more, convey relative status — or take it away, depending on the context you are in. I had to work hard to be heard. But we notice that hardly any teams or organizations we work with do this well. Ask yourself these questions:.

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Watch out for the next two blogs in this series, where I will be offering more analysis and advice on firstly how to speak up and then how to listen up effectively in the workplace. Part 2 will be published next week. Blog Post.

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Thought leadership. Megan Reitz , 3 days ago 4 min read. Do you speak up?