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Previous Word: kairos. Next Word: the Ten Commandments. Examples of the seven deadly sins. See Next Word kairos the seven deadly sins the Ten Commandments. Where does the seven deadly sins come from? Who uses the seven deadly sins? Just Added:.

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Sign up for our Newsletter! But we never think we have enough, so we always find ourselves wanting more. How often do we include avarice in our examination of conscience or bring it up in confession? We can enjoy the goods of this world, but we must be on guard not to become unduly attached to them and thus fall into idolatry cf.

Eph God alone is our supreme happiness. Of all people, Christians should not be overly concerned with earthly goods, for our heavenly Father has care of us cf. Does this mean we should neglect our duties and occupations? Certainly not. It means that, while attending to our affairs, we must not neglect the affairs of the soul.

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Mercy is the virtue that opposes avarice. Imagine our Savior, whose Passion depicts a progressive impoverishment. He is abandoned by most of His disciples, then stripped of all honor and finally of life itself. Then pray: From the sin of avarice deliver me, O Lord. Of the seven deadly sins, envy is the only one that gives us no pleasure at all, not even fleeting satisfaction. Like all sins, envy proceeds from the foundational sin of pride, which cannot tolerate a superior or a rival.

It takes many different forms, including annoyance at hearing another person praised, depreciating the good reputation of others by speaking ill of them, and desiring to eclipse others even by questionable methods.

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Envy poisons our whole being. In private matters, envy produces angry words 1 Cor and harmful deeds Jas Among Christians, discord born of envy can lead to the sin of schism, or separation from the universal Church, which is what the Apostle feared would happen in the Christian community at Corinth 1 Cor And envy can make priests and vowed religious resent their celibacy when they see happily married people.

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Generosity is the opposite of envy. Whereas envy brings only sorrow and pain, generosity is the seedbed of joy. This should come as no surprise, since we are created in the divine image. We are truly happy insofar as we are conformed to God the Holy Trinity, whose very essence is self-giving love and receptivity. Imagine our divine Savior before Pontius Pilate, delivered up out of envy by the chief priests Mk Then pray: From the sin of envy deliver me, O Lord.

Just as it is wrong to be angry without cause, so it is wrong not to be angry when there is cause.

The Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies

Alas, Original Sin has invaded every corner of our soul. Consequently, anger is often a violent, inordinate desire accompanied by hatred or vengefulness. If anger is unreasonable and therefore too strong for the occasion or the person at whom we are angry, it can be a mortal sin. Meekness is the virtue that helps us to control anger.


The essence of meekness is not weakness, but the combination of strength and gentleness, the ability to use force when necessary and the gentleness to forego it. Precisely because Christ loved sinners, He rebuked them often scathingly!

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Then pray: From the sin of anger deliver me, O Lord. Since the sexual revolution of the s, Western culture has said that sex has no intrinsic relation to procreation, or even to love and intimacy. Not surprisingly, then, these intervening years have brought permissive abortion, no-fault divorce, legalized prostitution, the mainstreaming of pornography, and the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples.

The Catholic Church has always taught that sexual pleasure is morally permissible only to married people and only when they use it in the way the Creator intends.

Wrath (Seven Deadly Sins #1) by L.J. Baker

Impurity should not even be mentioned among Christians, never mind practiced Eph Lust enslaves the will, destroys love of prayer, weakens faith, hardens the heart, and fills the conscience with dissatisfaction. Sexual feelings, fantasies and desires will ebb and flow as naturally as the appetite for food and drink; these are perfectly natural and human.

It demands common sense, too. Imagine our divine Savior, who loved selflessly even to the point of surrendering His life for sinners cf. Phil Then pray: From the sin of lust deliver me, O Lord. Eating and drinking are necessary for our self-preservation. To facilitate these two functions, God has attached a certain pleasure to them.